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Neighborhood Squad

You never forget the neighborhood kids you grew up with. On a personal note, these are the moments that mean the most and can’t be replicated … the neighborhood kids in Dubai taking in little man Zizou and showing him ❤ … the true beauty of all races, all Advertisements

Fútbol & BMX Bikes

I took this picture while walking the streets of Soor (Tyre), Lebanon. What amazes me is the world advances, develops and people upgrade their phones, cars and homes but one

Jal Al Bahr

This is the view from my grandparents house in ‘Jal al bahr’, Lebanon. The ocean was their 3rd parent. They learned to fish, swim, play soccer and most importantly live a simple life on these shores. This is the biggest proof that simplicity can lead to great things in this


Tyre, Lebanon bound. My heart says … I aspire to change professions and do more for man kind and the greater good. The infinite hours spent doing ‘professional’ work and