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Bottom of the 4th!

“Bottom of the 4th quarter. :05 seconds to go, game is tied. Jordan for the win … 3 … 2 … 1 … baaaang!!” We (Zizou and I) sat on the park bench for what seemed to be hours, watching these Advertisements

Zizou Turns One

… How does one capture his heart and soul in a status we ask? For us, it has been less about balloons and fireworks today and more of a reflection … of the last 12 months of

Toothpaste Tube

Zizou’s eyes (they kill me) … I was reflecting on this short-winded year for a couple of hours today and as I fast forwarded through this eventful year I couldn’t happen but come

Jal Al Bahr

This is the view from my grandparents house in ‘Jal al bahr’, Lebanon. The ocean was their 3rd parent. They learned to fish, swim, play soccer and most importantly live a simple life on these shores. This is the biggest proof that simplicity can lead to great things in this

Zizou | 7lbs. 1oz. – 9/7/2014 @4:46am

Truly, a fresh piece of white paper or blank canvas. Pure, innocent and gripping a paint brush with the freedom to define what lays ahead. It’s as if we get to hit the restart button on LIFE, as role models, we’ve been gifted the opportunity to shape, love, and influence the steps that lay ahead. […]

In Loving Memory of Selmi Abu Musaed

[In Loving Memory of (El Hajj) Selmi Abu Musaed … please say a prayer for him after reading this]: I’ve been scripting in my head the words to describe such an incredible man, mentor, caregiver, and father. We 1st met ~3 years ago at his residence. As I sat on the couch near him, I […]


Tyre, Lebanon bound. My heart says … I aspire to change professions and do more for man kind and the greater good. The infinite hours spent doing ‘professional’ work and