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Lunch time. We devoured skewers of the ever-popular Persian koobideh kabob while attempting to squeeze four months of news into a one hour lunch session. Lunch ended. Advertisements

Bottom of the 4th!

“Bottom of the 4th quarter. :05 seconds to go, game is tied. Jordan for the win … 3 … 2 … 1 … baaaang!!” We (Zizou and I) sat on the park bench for what seemed to be hours, watching these

Toothpaste Tube

Zizou’s eyes (they kill me) … I was reflecting on this short-winded year for a couple of hours today and as I fast forwarded through this eventful year I couldn’t happen but come

Verbal Gesture vs. Gladiator

Time to scale back, in fact, scaling back should be a continual process. Eliminate the noise and non value add vibe. This is too much for me so I the deep rooted message may be


Tyre, Lebanon bound. My heart says … I aspire to change professions and do more for man kind and the greater good. The infinite hours spent doing ‘professional’ work and

Can I Whisper in your Ear?

It all started with “Can I whisper in your ear?”   Her exact response was “mmmmmmm tfadl” – A response in arabic; the exact English

Make Love to your Remote Control

Appetize me. He says to me in his poetic international slang (arabic language), you hold the remote control