career appetizers

Over the years, I have been blessed in that I have interacted with some of the most talented marketing and business professionals. My general nature is to write down good nuggets, advice and inputs from others that I believe can benefit myself and close friends/family.

That said, below are general key takeaways that I have collected over the years that should help your career game. I will continually add to this post as I collect more over the years.

  • The importance of choosing the right water to swim in. Let’s say you’re a shark but if you swim in the ocean you will not be the only shark. Rather, you’ll be competing very fiercely against many other sharks. But in a pond, if you are a shark, you will stand out against all of the guppies. The ocean is a large corporation like any of the big corporations with little opportunities to stand out, while a pond refers not necessarily to company size alone, but rather more niche environments. So when you reach those career intersections, you will typically stand at a fork in the road where you need to decide which body of water you will thrive in.
  • Choose your next job for your final job. Jumping companies in the same space for the same type of role can yield a big short term pay bump but it doesn’t necessarily mean the right move for getting you to your long term goal of becoming a general manager for a large business.  Working at one large corporation may get you there, albeit over a long period of time. But working at a smaller company as one of the key decision making leaders could get also you there much faster with more learning on the way.

More Coming Soon … 


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