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Lunch time. We devoured skewers of the ever-popular Persian koobideh kabob while attempting to squeeze four months of news into a one hour lunch session. Lunch ended. Advertisements

Bottom of the 4th!

“Bottom of the 4th quarter. :05 seconds to go, game is tied. Jordan for the win … 3 … 2 … 1 … baaaang!!” We (Zizou and I) sat on the park bench for what seemed to be hours, watching these


The beauty of a chef is he picks and chooses whatever ingredients he deems most appropriate to ensure his meal is top notch. The chef then adds seasoning, color and is


I played soccer at UCSD last night with the squad. By far the best soccer session San Diego has to offer with regards to quality, skill and people. Makes you realize you’re a

Melting Pot

I’m absolutely appalled at the level of hate and discrimination at these trash trump rallies. I won’t even capitalize his name as he is truly the epitome of what America is NOT. That said, I’m confident these haters and racists are a minority and do not represent the 

London Swag

London futbol. London swag. London rain. London game. London fame. London tube station. London madness. Tearing up the pitch in London with the little bro Sameday. Blessed.


Woke up to this picture from my lovely wife  … All you need is LOVE. What is mind boggling is I spent the night rapping with a dear friend about humility, staying humble, being rich from within, doing good for society and prioritizing those we love most over