Zizou Turns One

… How does one capture his heart and soul in a status we ask? For us, it has been less about balloons and fireworks today and more of a reflection … of the last 12 months ofblessings, growth and life lessons. we cry a river … as we’ve never been so deeply transformed by a light weight boy weighing a simple 10+10 lbs. … despite his mini size, his smile, laugh, and heart are monumental. Rola and I are over the moon as we’ve been blessed with wonderful lives, families, friends, marriage and we pray our gladiator is blessed with great health allowing him to live a blessed life. Zizou, ‘habib el sha3eb’ and ‘michelin’ loves life, loves you and is living proof of how silly and minuscule “some” life challenges and hardships may be – for we are all put to a ‘test’ and everyone’s little Zizou makes the fight worthwhile. God bless you Zizou and god bless all the boys and girls worldwide (friends, family, refugees) – we pray that all children are able experience a blessed birthday. Zizou completed his 1st smash the cake and sends special love out to his best friends worldwide.


Zizou’s 1st Birthday


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