Toothpaste Tube

Zizou’s eyes (they kill me) … I was reflecting on this short-winded year for a couple of hours today and as I fast forwarded through this eventful year I couldn’t happen but come up with the following … I hit the wall hard this year, tore and fully ruptured my Achilles’ tendon in June and struggled in bed for several months but earlier today I successfully ran 8 miles … My wife and I maneuvered through a rough pregnancy this year that was truly taxing but God blessed us with a wonderful Zizou on 9/7/14. My family lost some special people this year but our family has grown larger, stronger and deeper in love as we reflect on our lost ones … Bottom line – we all, all, encounter hardships and struggles10896979_10103055519950381_2075145344665552286_n, even those rich multi-million $$ drama-filled people – but every hardship or struggle is
complemented by a beautiful thing. So as we embark on this 2015, nothing truly changes, our belief and attitude are truly what attract those positive moments in our life. I won’t say happy new year. I will say may we all continue to be blessed with more wonderful days and years to come. The start of a new year should not kickstart happiness and health in our life … it should simply be a reminder to squeeze happiness and health out of your toothpaste tube knowing that despite how empty the tube may appear, there is still plenty more for another round of brushing. God bless.


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