Zizou | 7lbs. 1oz. – 9/7/2014 @4:46am

Truly, a fresh piece of white paper or blank canvas. Pure, innocent and gripping a paint brush with the freedom to define what lays ahead. It’s as if we get to hit the restart button on LIFE, as role models, we’ve been gifted the opportunity to shape, love, and influence the steps that lay ahead. Blessed. This is our definition of success – good deeds, love and to apply the learnings of friends/family and to give a full tank instilling the same values, morals, and examples deeply rooted within us. Baby Bird Zaad (nicknamed Zizou) and lovely, brave, amazing, mama Rola are doing wonderful and recovering from the 9 month pregnancy marathon. We say Al-7amdullilah, thank you God, for blessing us with Zizou Bird and teaching us along the way. All love and respect to our parents for their teachings, love and support … YOU ARE why this is possible. Success achieved, Baby Bird Zaad has landed, and inshAllah, god willing, will begin this wonderful journey we call life. God bless. 7lbs., 1oz. Sept 7th @4:46am. 



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