Verbal Gesture vs. Gladiator

Time to scale back, in fact, scaling back should be a continual process. Eliminate the noise and non value add vibe. This is too much for me so I the deep rooted message may be blurred. God bless filters, I’m so happy they were created and they truly purify your presence, existence and allow you to co-exist in such a mad dog, turbulent, buffet filled world with all kinds of shapes and sizes. In lamen terms, all I’m saying is the people that matter can be counted on your fingers while the people that don’t matter, well, they simply don’t matter. Scale back; focus your love, energy, mind, and passion on those that will conquer the world on your behalf. Note the difference between a verbal gesture and a gladiator ready to go to battle for you. I salute the older generation as I admire their life commitments, friendships, and realness and way of doing business – your passion is unmatched. Time has truly effected genuine thoughts and commitment. Deepest love and respect to all. Going home.


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