Tyre, Lebanon bound. My heart says … I aspire to change professions and do more for man kind and the greater good. The infinite hours spent doing ‘professional’ work and balancing checkbooks and the countless stressors that surface represent ‘crumb cakes’ in the grand scheme of life activities.

The ‘success’ highway you seek is simply a disguise to distract you from true inner well being … to distract you from embracing life in open arms and removing the selfish acts of doing what’s best for ME.

As I heard the tears in my mother’s voice and as I shed tears while I type this status, I can’t help but fast forward 30 – 40 years and realize that the days to come are limited.

Embrace opportunities to give, love, share, and impact the masses; those of you that detour from the ‘success’ highway will remain a kid massaging their play-doh in whatever shape you can imagine … free from the external pressures while maintaining a pure, white blank sheet of paper in mind and a full glass of life ahead.

God bless us all. May you rest in peace grandmother.


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