Make Love to your Remote Control

Appetize me. He says to me in his poetic international slang (arabic language), you hold the remote control to your life, you push whatever buttons you so desire. Push them big bird. Press them. Push them all at once. Softly. Gently. You desire more volume in your life, well, the VOLUME button is a gentle touch away and you’re ready for take off. He proceeds with … you want to create a brighter picture, hmm, all you do is go to settings/options and increase the brightness level. He then brings his point to home plate … you are in full control, the remote control is strapped to your hand/heart and you select the channel that best suits your daily needs. Make love to your remote control he says. He who? It’s not important. Simply chew and stay hydrated as we dig into the main course.


As I turn the page daily, I’ve come to realize that it all comes back to ME. I am in control. I am the captain of this 31 year old ship. The water is before me, how I choose to sail the waters, is really how I choose to sail the waters. Yes, my physical being, my 5’9″ structure weighing 165 lbs. can set the dial tone by simply pressing a few buttons and dictating my course of action. You got to be kidding me Big Bird, is it that easy? Shut your mouth, common brother, speak to me, tell me the truth. The more I ponder the situation, mathematically, geometrically, protractor and all, applying logic where needed, I positively conclude, it’s that mother TRUCKING (excuse my language) easy. A few deep breaths, remembering my purpose and why I am here, putting my trust and faith in Allah, helps me emergency land the infinite tasks that I have decided to captain. Despite feeling out of breath at times, underwater, and perhaps randomly struggling, when I huddle up and put the craziness in perspective, it is clear, what is life without struggle? Bassil has truly experienced life through struggle and it has truly positively shaped his view on the world.


We all see the world differently. You. Me. Him. Her. Different perspectives. Different interpretations. It’s almost as if we each have our own set of funky glasses that are tinted and adjusted to meet our own special needs. So what the heck are you saying Big Bird, in what direction are you marching with this? Are we going to battle here or are we declaring peace? Tell me, state your objective. There are infinite paths and ways, but in the end, there is always a road that will lead to your desired result. The message I carry and attempting to deliver pizza-like to your very own home is … WE are in control of our day, our life, our future and you hand select whatever designer glasses you chose to wear. No one else dictates this, you are the captain of your team, the valedictorian of your class and ultimately the final decision maker on whether or not you want french fries with your hamburger.


This is not a love story or necessarily advice; I simply challenge you to step up. Grab a hold of your remote control and push whatever buttons you deem necessary. The remote control has infinite buttons as there are infinite permutations of what order you select them in. And by “grab” the remote control, listen carefully, I request 1 more minute of your attention, I don’t mean asking your friend or mom to pass over the remote control, I mean, grasp it, hold it, love it, adore it, as if it was your prize possession. I challenge myself. I do. I do. And I might as well extend this challenge to those family and friends that I love and respect so dearly.


This life, hmmm, is filled with so much beauty that as I spent the later part of my evening (11/4/2010) walking through downtown San Diego (little italy), alone, reminiscing, reflecting, humming, people watching, I was at peace, by myself. Alone. By myself. But damn, I quickly reminded myself of the message above, feeling at peace and realizing this “alone” walk made me feel as if I was on a perfect date and having the time of my life.


I come full circle, I will turn the page as soon as I awake in the wee hours of the morning. What is written on the new page, the drawings, the colors, the text, the font, me and only me will dictate the construction of my new page. Every day is a new beginning, a new start, a new race and I salute the struggle as it’s short term, it’s a source of nutrition, feeding my immune system against the hardships in life and creating a vision within me that screams, “nothing will break you, you are made of heart and by simply pushing whatever buttons you desire and putting your faith in Allah, your ship will sail with clear direction.”


It starts right here, right now, take a step back, digest, brainstorm and take action. The appetizer and main course are clear, now go get that dessert and gobble it up before it’s too late. We are truly blessed with this beautiful journey called life. Take it by the hand, and make love to it as she is unique, dedicated, sexy, and full of opportunity. I must go now as this plane is clear for take off.


God Bless.


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