Simplicity | Little Things in Life | Best Things in Life

My pen and paper. Scribble, scribble. Hmm, erase this, erase that. How do I start? Where do I begin? Let me start all over. New page, new chapter, fresh start.

They say “simplicity” is best, “the little things in life” mean most, and the “best things in life” are for free. Do I believe that? Do I? I have to. I must. I will. I can. I am. I am speechless, yet, the simple acts of love, the warm gestures, the individuals that operate from within, deep within, with heart, with love, the spirituality that I am exposed to daily, the people I CHOOSE to rub shoulders with, they all scream “simplicity” and all are 100% free of charge. My interactions with them do not require a VISA or Mastercard and they won’t even accept my dollar bill.

I cry, I cry when I witness them performing “the little things in life” – invisible tears from within, only I sense and feel them – why are they doing this I ask myself? For me? Really, for me? Who am I? Why do I deserve this? I thought I was the only one aware of the little things? Mama and baba know them well, but I don’t recall telling anyone about the “little things in life” – how did they uncover my secret and share it with me? I thought I hid it so well. The little things are oh so so so little, the size of a grain of salt, they take seconds to perform, so miniscule, yet the effort put forth and the thought of such little things, speak the world, my world.


As my world forms and grows, my strength and meaning in life is formed by these warm gestures from deep within. I am overly thankful and blessed to have met individuals that understand the concept behind “the little things in life”. This is what refills my battery on a daily basis. There are days, when the battery remains uncharged; I have often even found myself operating on a empty battery (for days, weeks), but of course, of course, it does not alter my laser focus and what I stand for.

Soon enough, I stand confident and sure, there lies an individual(s) that will provide a source of energy, similar to solar power, they will refuel your battery with love, determination and motivation; this will flood your life with hope and reason and graduate you to new levels never imagined.

Time check. This is me. Take me or take me because eventually, my domino will fall, fall hard, shake the surface, flood you and splash you with a level of heart you have never witnessed. You have no idea. Go ahead. Walk away, walk away, show me your back, but I assure you, if you digest this finger food and pace yourself, your life will define the perfect marathon. Sign out.


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